“None of them [the title contenders] have got to play each other,” says Owen.

“If you look at the last 10 seasons of the Premier League, I think 80 per cent of the time the team who concede the least goals win the title. Arsenal’s centre-backs like to defend. They remind me of Rio Ferdinand and myself. It would be a great story for Arsenal to win the title after 20 years.”

Wayne Rooney, the Premier League’s all-time third-highest goalscorer, also won five Premier League titles with Man Utd. He hopes Arsenal finish top but can’t shake the feeling that Liverpool will be champions in Jurgen Klopp’s final season as manager.

“There’s still such a long time to go. I know it’s only seven games but a lot will happen,” Rooney says.

“Inside I think Klopp will be fuming [at drawing 2-2 to Man Utd] but he’s shown his calmness and his experience of winning the title before. He’s given a really good message to the players. He’s shown the experience that [Pep] Guardiola’s got as well. We’re yet to see if [Mikel] Arteta’s got that in the last few weeks of the season. That will be important.

“I still think Liverpool will nick it. It’s not my romantic side – I hope they don’t win the title! I’ve just had this feeling for a while now that they’ll snatch the title. If there’s one team I hope win the title it’s Arsenal! Arsenal have been fantastic all season. They’ve learned from last season so that’s why I’m interested to see these last few matches of the season. How they cope. This is when the pressure starts. I hope they deal with it.”

But while Arsenal have the advantage of being top, with a point more than their rivals, and a superior goal difference, one-time Premier League champion Michael Owen points out that Man City have the best chance of winning all their remaining matches.

“None of them [the title contenders] have got to play each other,” says Owen.

“Spurs are going to have a huge say. Man City have the easiest fixtures. From Liverpool’s point of view, Everton, a local derby, will be tough. Spurs they’ve still got to play, Aston Villa away is difficult. Arsenal have got Spurs away, Chelsea, Aston Villa, Man Utd away. Arsenal have got four tricky ones. Man City, apart from Spurs away, I fancy them to swat everyone else out the way.”